Hypnosis, meditation and guided imagery


Past life therapy, Spirit releasement therapy, guided imagery and meditation

Mary Ellen Derwis Cht. Graduated from North Coast School of Hypnosis in 1998. She has since studied with Henry Boulduc, Bill Baldwin and at A.R.E. in Virginia Beach. In her practice Mary Ellen uses guided imagery, regression therapy and SRT to aid individuals in their journey to wellness. She has been a member of International Medical Dental Hypnotherapy  Association.

Wellness is not just a physical journey but one of the mind. Guided imagery aids with goal setting, exploration of thought patterns that no longer serve you.

In the practice of Nei Gong which is meditative practice used to strengthen internal chi and direct it to regain vibrant health it is all about personal empowerment.  

Mary Ellen provides classes that explain and explore eastern thought and meditative practice to deepen your understanding of the process.

Guided Imagery:   Success requires that goals be identified and plans be implemented to achieve them  In a relaxed state of consciousness where you are more receptive to positive suggestions.  You choose the goals you wish to accomplish with Mary Ellen and she will reinforce those goals while you are in this relaxed state.

Private Nei Gong Meditation sessions:   Eastern medical Chi Kung practice utilize Nei Gong as a practice for vibrant health based in the five element model of Chinese Medicine. (earth, fire, metal, water, fire and the meridian systems they affect) Mary Ellen will explain and guide you through the practice based on your specific needs.

Past life regression:  This is not a 'psychic reading'.  This is a hypnosis session were Mary Ellen will take you into an altered state where the two of you will experience for yourself the phenomenon.

One hour sessions $130