Cartomancy :the interpreting of oracles as a life path tool

I Ching

Divination tool utilizing the 64 hexagrams to define your spiritual journey.

Mah Jongg

One year spread that explores the upcoming year by looking into each season, the elemental forces active within the season and how it can impact you in the year to come.

Soul Cards

Interpretive tool that causes one to reach deep within to explore past present and future influences.

Going deeper

Kabbalistic Tree of Life Tarot

Based in the Kabbala. This deck explores the spiritual path you are on and  your relationship to the divine.

Awakening the 5 Elements with Mudras and Meditations

Hand yoga positions based in the elemental forces. The card chosen is always the right card. Practice it and meditate and see the magic happen.

Spiritual Geometry

Messages that pierce the veil of this corporal world that offer guidance in the meditative process.